Thermoplastic Paint Marking Machine

Total capacity:- 1.5 Ton.

Working capacity:- 1.3 Ton.

Batch capacity:- 1.5 Ton as per Bulk.

Dimensions:- 91W, 142L, 157H

Material of Constructions:- All the contact parts maid wear resistance plate and non contact parts would be made from mild steel confirming to grade IS 2062.

Mixing Elements:- Profile single: blade.

Material of Construction:- Stainless Steel.

Blender Bearing House:- Bearing Housing made of cast iron grade IS 210 with suitable baring.

Stuffing Box:- Stuffing box have 2 stage seal.

Charging:- Charging of the product shall be through the top of the container by means of elevator conveyer.

Discharging:- through centrally locked manually operated bottom discharge nozzle of size 200NB.

Surface Finish:-All contact part must be painted with red oxide and non contact parts would be paint with synthetic enamel color.

Electrical penal (optional):- A non flam proof electrical panel for operation of the mixer shall be provided. The panel shall be fabricated from 1.5mm thickness of stainless steel powder coated Symons gray color. Digital parameter and electronics load cell shall also be provided.

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