Hydraulic Double Tank Thermoplastic Paint Preheater

  • Tank quantity double tank (500+500).
  • Net weight 1020KG approx.
  • Heating temperature 1800C – 2200C.
  • Diesel Engine 15HP air cold self Honda make.
  • Hydraulic oil tank capacity 70L.
  • Thermal insulation 4mm thickness steel plate 5cm thickness cotton and 1mm thickness stainless steel.
  • Paint tank bottom thickness 6mm.
  • Heating system liquefied petroleum gas ( Natural Gas), adopt energy- Efficient burner (Direct Injection store).
  • Hydraulic system pressure 5Mpa.
  • Working pressure 4-5Mpa.
  • Body fully Stainless steel.
    • 4 Layer Jacket
    • Stainless steel of 3mm
    • MS Steel of 4mm Thickness which is enclose with oil.
    • MS Steel of 2mm Thickness enclose with air.
    • MS Steel of 2mm thickness enclose with Glass wool to maintain temperature.

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