Automatic Road Marking Machine

Engine: – Powered by cotton greaves single cylinder, 10hp cooled diesel engine. Electric starter system

DRIVE SYSTEM:- Driving speed 0-10km/h.
• Marking speed 0-2-km/h (for screed application only)

GLASS BEADS SYSTEM:- Indian-made Special Glass Beads spray gun for road marking application.
• Gun width changeable nozzles according to the line width.
• Specially designed for spraying beads accurately and for precise spreading.
• 100kg capacity glass bead container-non pressurized.

SCRRED SHOE:- A choice of 100mm, 152mm, 200mm, 300mm and 500mm screed shoes.
• Basic machine comes with 100mm and 150mm screed shoe only
• Pneumatically activated shoe.
• Raised rib marking according to the standard specification follow worldwide.

DIMENSION:- Height 1600mm, Width 1800mm, length 3500mm, Weight 900kg.

COMPUTER:- Indian made special designed skip line device to control the screed shoe and glass bead spray gun according to desired line length.
• It works automatically according to the machine speed.

STEERING: – Heavy-Duty manual steering system for firm operation.

DC ELECTRIC:- 12V electric circuit with emergency safety control button with other important electrical components according to the road safety standard.

HYDRAULIC:- Hydraulic pump attached to the axial piston pup for paint tank stirrer.
• Complete hydraulic power pack with 50 liters capacity hydraulic tank.
• Standard filter system and oil cooling system provided.

OPTIONAL:- GPRS for machine positions.
• Daily report transfer USB port for the computer.
• Cold paint tank with spray gun for pre- marking system

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